The crew

The sensible people who choose to spend their time behind the camera



Director of photography

Andrew is a whizz when it comes to camera and lighting. He is beautifully creative and also a lovely person who everyone enjoys being around for his enthusiasm and deep passion for film


1st AD

Kathryn was instrumental in making the production happen at all. She had to deal with a tough schedule but always did her job with grace and a smile on her face, Kathryn is a consummate professional and it was a pleasure to have her on the team

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2nd AD

Andrea Ratti is a London based Assistant Director. He graduated from LCC in 2017. He started off as a PA and followed up the ladder to 1st AD. Andrea is a freelance AD with experience on short films, features, documentaries and promos.

Andrea has also taken on the role as director. Having a personal insight to directors: how they work, think and feel is something Andrea understands. Facing difficulty is inevitable for any AD; Andrea has taken on challenges from all areas from underwater shoots, stunt work, large crowds, aboard shoots, 16mm, animals and more.



This was the most challenging film I've directed myself but it was a lot of fun too. Having an amazingly talented cast and a crew who were dedicated and an inspiration to work with definitely helped. With Andrew Polyviou I think I've found the perfect producing partner while Andrew Hillary is my ideal DoP.

On set I have to wear several hats. As a writer I try to bring my vision to life while directing and also recording sound. It is challenging but highly enjoyable

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Camera assistant

Viola was a valuable and enthusiastic member of the crew, bringing her profound knowledge of camera and lighting onto the set as an able assistant to Andrew


Camera assistant

Raheem Shir-Khan is a London based filmmaker, adept in all areas of film making. He graduated from Solent University in 2017 and holds a degree and MA in Film and Film Production. Raheem currently is gaining experience where possible in all areas of filmmaking. He hopes in the future to craft his own films with genres ranging from drama to horror to science- fiction.

"Working on this project provided vital experience in a collaborative environment with truly exceptional people, it was a joy to work with them all on such an open and accepting set. I was happy to do nearly anything for the production, including having half a haircut and stepping in front of the camera."



Script supervisor

Vlad is a talented young man who can turn his hand to many things. He did an excellent job in the extremely important role of script supervisor ensuring that continuity errors didn't make it into the film


Production assistant

Sam made a great contribution in pre-production with some excellent notes on the script. On set he was willing and able to keep everything running smoothly in the vital but underappreciated role of production assistant

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Production assistant

Gule brought her enthusiasm and appetite for learning to the set and soon mastered the fine art of clapperboarding. She has a bright future in the film industry


Production assistant

Emily was only on set briefly but made a valuable contribution as make up artist, production assistant and extra. She carried out all these duties with a great, positive attitude



Production assistant

A young man with a bright future Michael had the misfortune of having his bike stolen while on set but gamely stayed on helping the production run smoothly until we wrapped


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