The Cast

The incredibly talented actors who will bring the film to life



The Hooded Man

Paul Kristovic is a Bradford born actor based in London. He studied Fine Art at Cardiff University and learnt to play the guitar as well as write many songs of which quite a few litter the internet. 

After attending a course in Drama and Theatre at The Poor school in 2016 Paul has steadily forged a career in acting whilst making many thorough fares as a supporting artiste culminating in many 'sneeze and you'll miss him' moments in films such as Paddington Bear 2, Bohemian Rhapsody, Mamma Mia 2 and Justice League (a stinker!) as well as the odd commercial here and there. 

Paul has played a myriad of colourful characters on stage and screen including a belligerent clown, an NYPD cop, an inebriated sociopath, a deluded Michelin style chef and a 1950's public service announcer offering instructions on the best way on how to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Paul's experience working on Robin Of Oakwood was one of smooth contentment. It was the first time he's played a lead role and he felt like he really owned the character.



Elshan Amaan is Cengiz Suleiman, the antagonist.

A mighty underground criminal who has made a name for himself with ruthless business ventures.

Elshan started acting in his local theatre in Cologne, Germany. After just one year of experience he was cast in his first feature film role in the award winning The Weather Inside. Having lived and studied in London before he decided to relocate to the UK in 2016 to pursue a career as an international actor.

According to Elshan “Working with Lee Viesnik and Andrew Polyviou was great. I enjoyed every moment of the shoot. Lee and Andrew gave me the artistic freedom I needed to fully commit to the project.”

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The Barber

Co-producer, Andrew Polyviou of POLYART LONDON LTD ®, plays the Barber yet again.
“’Robin of Oakwood’ is almost a spin-off from the short movie ‘The Barbershop’ where Andrew was the main lead” according to the director of that film, Monshur Alam. 
This short film developed after Andrew met Lee Viesnik, the director and co-producer, forming a strong partnership which saw them complete a vision they both shared and made a reality.
“It was a pleasure to watch this idea unfold and to work closely with Lee. I am very grateful to our incredible cast and crew as well as those that helped with locations. Looking forward to working with everyone again and expanding this terrific team”.



Jerry is an actor from London, Islington. According to Jerry, "First and foremost it was a privilege to be a part of such a great team, the diligence of the crew, the amicable cast members and the ambience as a whole being positive and progressive. I've definitely found my time with Tiger Barb Films to be the most professional and official on set experience that I've had yet in my early acting career. I keenly anticipate the results of the work we produced together as I trust it will be absolutely remarkable!"




Aram trained at the Arts Educational School, London and prior to that, he completed a 2-year acting course at the Questors Theatre. He has regularly performed at the actors centre, appeared in many short films and filmed two hander scenes with Mariah Carey.

This year, Aram has completed 2 other short films (one of which was as an Italian gangster so there appears to be a recurring theme in the casting!) He has appeared in 2 ad campaigns, one for Amazon Prime, one for a US airline and also as a small part in a feature film. Other than Robin of Oakwood, his favourite job of the year so far has been a small role in a Netflix show.

Aram says he had a great time on the shoot, he was made to feel warm and comfortable from the very start. His only regret was the the shoot couldn’t have lasted longer! He was very fond of all the shoot locations and had a particular affiliation with Andrew, the cultural theme of the film and the locations used in North London as his late father was of Greek Cypriot heritage.



Ramzi plays one of Suleiman's loyal henchmen. Although he was a very late casting in a relatively small role, Ramzi completely inhabited his character and gave him an unexpected depth and complexity.

Now I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role and I'm sure Ramzi has a bright future as an actor.

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Cafe Owner

Chris plays the cafe owner, a man very proud of his Greek Cypriot origins but forced to serve a Turkish gang who have different ideas about coffee.


The Getaway Driver

A crucial assistant for any aspiring bankrobber is a fast getaway driver.

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